Aesthetic Filling

What is an Aesthetic Filling?

Aesthetic Composite Filler

Composite fillings are preferred frequently in the treatment of dental caries and fractures in the anterior region, as it can completely reflect the natural color of the teeth. Not only for dental caries and fractures; composite fillings can also be used to obtain the desired color and shape of the anterior teeth, when the patient is not aesthetically satisfied. Recently, thanks to special nano-particulate composites, we can achieve even better results in terms of the color and strength. Besides all these advantages, due to their structure, composite fillings may undergo color change over time with products such as cigarettes, tea and coffee that give color to the teeth.

Aesthetic Porcelain Fillers

In the restoration of teeth which have been lost due to caries or any other reason, we prefer to implement aesthetic porcelain inlay/onlay fillings.

Inlay/onlay Filling

Porcelain fillings are the primary option when the remaining healthy tooth tissue is needed to be saved at a maximal level, in cases where the rotten tissue is very deep in the teeth and very little dental tissue is left. In the laboratory environment, the filler is digitally designed with the cad-cam system and then prepared with the porcelain blocks, based on the mouth measurements.

How long do porcelain fillings last?

Inlay/onlay fillings, which require technical precision during design and bonding stage, can be comfortably used by patients for many years.

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