About Izmir

Why Izmir?

Turkey’s most modern cities of Izmir, which carries the distinction of being the third largest city, has also developed and distinction of being one of the busiest cities in terms of commercial activities.

The quotes of famous figures in history about Izmir are listed below.

  • They founded their cities in the most beautiful skies and the most beautiful climate that we know on earth… (Herodotus)
  • If you don’t see it, you’il be missing. (Aristotle)
  • Izmir is a princess. (Victor Hugo)

Natural Beauty and Climate in Izmir

One of the most important points visited by domestic and foreign tourists in summer tourism is because of the fact that 101 kilometers of 629 km long coastline length covers the natural beaches. The Mediterranean climate is hot and dry in Izmir, where it is warm and rainy, and it has a climate that you can easily travel in all seasons. July and August are generally the hottest months of the year, while January and February are the coldest months. İzmir, which has an area where snowfall is not frequently encountered, also accommodates winter sports lovers with its mountains.

Center of Historic Civilizations

Izmir, which has a great place in history, has hosted great civilizations such as Symrna, Allianoi, Klazomenai, Myrina, Ephesus, Pergamon, Metropolis, Thyrea, Teos, Phokaia, Lebedos, Kolophon, Kyme, Erythrai and Claros. is known to have hosted.

City of Tolerance

Izmir, which has a wide range of beliefs, including Muslims, Christians and Jews, and is open to all people in a tolerant manner.

Center of Thermal Tourism

Izmir, which is at an important point for human health, has become the center of thermal tourism from past to present with its natural healing centers. Asklepion, Allianoi, Karakoç and Şifne are known to the world-famous well-known centers of healing from all over the world.

Capital of Events

In addition to the historical richness, it is a city that is preferred for the purpose of activity because of the continuous realization of socio-cultural and artistic activities.

Modern City

Izmir, which has a modern city structure in Europe, has high living standards for you, our dear guests. In addition, it allows you to meet many different cultures at close distances due to easy access to different regions.

A unique waypoint

Izmir is a transition center with other regions, but it is located in the Aegean region and opens a door to the coasts of the unique Aegean Sea. İzmir, which has a history of 8.500 years, has various historical riches and cultural values in its content.

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