Health Tourism

What is Health Tourism?

Health tourism is the process of traveling to a different country and being treated at a more favorable price because the dental and oral health treatments are usually expensive in the countries where the patients live.

Because of the high rates of oral and dental treatment in European countries, patients who want to be treated for more reasonable prices and better services tend to different countries. Therefore constitute a better option compared to both active in both summer and winter tourism in Turkey to be treated with the highest standards in the field of oral and dental health of other European countries. Likewise to be treated in Turkey; it is seen as the best choice in terms of flight, accommodation and health transactions.

As Dent35 Oral and Dental Health Policlinics, we treat our esteemed patients with the highest standards we have. Situated in Turkey’s Izmir province of our valued patients during treatment with our Bornova and Manavkuyu clinics, we care about your experience before, during and after. For this reason, we allow you to travel to important historical, cultural centers such as Agora, Virgin Mary, Ephesus, Bergama, Pamukkale, Şirince, Kemeraltı Bazaar located in and around İzmir and the most preferred places in summer tourism such as Kuşadası, Çeşme, Didim and Bodrum.

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How to do Health Tourism?

By clicking here, the patient will fill in the required information and provide the appropriate treatment, the average treatment time and the treatment fee. In this direction, our specialist physicians can return to you by phone or e-mail depending on your request and determine the number of days required for treatment and the appointment date which is considered appropriate for treatment.

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