Smile Makeover/Design

What is Smile Makeover?

Smiling; is a very powerful tool that has a direct impact on an individual’s social communication. A beautiful and attractive smile makes individuals more confident and better communicators. Research shows that eye area of the people we interact with is the first element that we pay attention to, while the second element is shown to be their smile. Recently, smile designs have become widespread with an observed increase in patients’ aesthetic expectations.

What is involved in the process of Smile Makeover? What are the important points to pay attention?

It is possible to reconstruct a smile with porcelain laminated veneer, aesthetic composite filling, bonding, and bleaching methods. The most important thing in smile makeover is to understand the expectations of the patient. Prior to the procedure, a full detailed analysis would be necessary. Teeth and the tissues surrounding the teeth must be reviewed altogether. The factors that may have an effect on the design of the smile include face shape, age, gender, gum level, labial margin and thickness, and closing relations. In preliminary examination, the stable condition of the teeth should be analysed along with the functional variables such as speaking and smiling. This analysis can be most conveniently achieved by examining the short cut videos or photos of the patient. In order to achieve the ideal smile makeover, healthy gum is the initial requirement. No matter how exquisite the laminated and aesthetic fillings are made, with the presence of an inflamed and bleeding gum, a full aesthetic appearance cannot be achieved. In this case, gum treatments must be undertaken primarily. When smile line is elevated, gum level is corrected before the smile makeover process.

Is it possible to preview in smile makeover before the process finishes?

For the design of the smile makeover, the final stage of the teeth is previewed with what is known as mock-up. The dentist and the patient review the mock new design placed in the mouth. Following the final touch, as requested by the patient, complete teeth are prepared in the lab. This process ensures that the final version of the teeth meets the expectations of the patient without disappointment.

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